This master thesis is a result of the study during my graduation at Technical University Delft, conducted at Finansbank (Holland) NV in Amsterdam. Using this opportunity, I would like to thank several people who gave me fully support during my days at Finansbank and during my graduation period.

My special thanks goes on the first place to Cuneyt Ardahanli, not only as a colleague but also as my best friend, being side by side on good and bad days during the whole Consumer Banking Project which we have conducted together.

To Peter Klimke, for his patience and unlimited explanations of the working processes and for his time we spend together at Finansbank Frankfurt.

Chris Stinchcombe, for his general comments, Bianca van der Zwan and Sebastian Gorzolla for their intensive testing and recommendations.

Last but not least, Sinan Sahinbas, Gursel Ilhan and Gerard Biesot, for making this project possible and for their support. And of course, Prof. Waltraud Gerhardt and Dr. Ajantha Dahanayake for their critics and comments on this thesis and Cem Alkan for his general comments.

Orhan Tuncer
Delft, March 2002